Friday, August 7, 2009

The William Blakes

Searching for music on HypeMachine the other day, I came across a band from Denmark called The William Blakes via music blog Hits in the Car. It's a pretty pretentious name for a rock band, to be sure, but they aren't bad. I know very little about them since their MySpace page is largely in Danish with the exception of this:
We're not extremely original, we just don't believe in results: We believe in processes.

We believe music is something dangerous and fragile, not something safe and secure.

Our albums are recorded in a magical studio in Sweden. We've done two so far.

Our songs are reactions to what happens in this world.

We believe in something. We don't always agree in the band what that "something" is, but we think that might be our greatest advantage.

Hope you like the music. Hope is like music.

You can hear their music via MySpace.

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