Thursday, August 6, 2009

What do monkeys, baseball, and poetry have in common? Amanda Carver, that's what.

My good friend Amanda Carver is not only one of my favorite poets, she is also the #1 Cubs Fan of the Universe. When my son was born I told her that she was in charge of teaching him about baseball and lo and behold what should I get in the mail from her today but a copy of Curious George at the Baseball Game, a Detroit Tigers onesie, and a lovely letter to my son giving him his first lesson on America's supposed favorite past time.

Not only that, but Amanda included a copy of the latest issue of Subtropics, in which she has two poems, "Second Grade" and "Whatever It Is." It's pretty awesome to see "Carver" on the front cover alongside "Kirby" and "Collins" and "Hamby." Much deserved. I am very proud.

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