Friday, August 21, 2009

"Don't call it a comeback, [they've] been here for years..."

The Awl is heralding the return of Sea Monkeys: "If you've been longing to brighten your life with a collection of dessicated brine shrimp you won't be disappointed. There's even a fancy new website which 'allows users to customize their own Sea-Monkeys tank and share it with friends through social networking interaction.' It's like Facebook for Sea Monkeys!"

Should this be happening? No, this should not be happening.

My little sister had Sea Monkeys once. Maybe even more than once, though I hope not. The only thing I remember about them is how horrible the little tank smelled after they all died. Of neglect. My sister has brine shrimp blood on her hands. As AdWeek sums it up, "If you want the cachet of being a "pet owner," but couldn't care less if the pets live or die, Sea-Monkeys are the choice for you."

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