Sunday, August 30, 2009

If you're going to Denver

If you're going to Denver for, say, AWP 2010 (or if you're already there. It's populated by actual living residents, I hear) and are into beat poets, you can go on Denver's Beat Poetry Driving Tour.

"It's a well known and beloved fact - though this will be news to most Coloradans and most Americans - that Denver possesses a fascinating slice of the Beat Generation's history," reads the Denver.Gov webpage (yes! The government is behind this!)

If something is a "well known and beloved fact" then it probably shouldn't "be news to most Coloradans and most Americans." But hey, I am not the fact police.

There are six stops on the tour and they "are ordered in a way that makes emotional, historical and geographical sense (there's even a specific Beat site that includes lunch!). These stops are best viewed in daylight hours. Drive safely and have fun!"

I am glad to know that the driving tour is arranged in such a way that it makes geographical sense. I am thrilled, however, to know that it is arranged to make emotional sense as well. This is very important to me when sightseeing. I do not like my emotions toyed with. I like my emotions to be very orderly. Otherwise I'm all, "Hey, I thought this was a driving tour, not an emotional roller coaster!" Thank you Government of Denver, for thinking of my emotional needs.

Thanks, Laura, for the tip.

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