Friday, August 14, 2009

"It's my life. Don't you forget..."

Or, it's poet Emily Zinnemann's life, as lived by you. Or, not you specifically, but one of the 52 folks she's found to run her life for a year.

As she explains it on her website "Emily, Lived By: is a collaborative art project. Starting on July 9, 2009, Emily Zinnemann relinquished control of her life to the whims of 52 strangers, friends, & acquaintances. Each participant receives a budget & a full week to enjoy as s/he pleases, choreographing Emily’s daily routine from breakfast to bedtime. The experiment’s progress is fully mapped on this website."

I was a little late tuning in (I am playing the "I had a baby" card), but I read the whole blog beginning to end in heat-whirlwind-and-flash style so I could catch up. Worth it! Last week Emily was exploring different religious conversions. This week Emily is living confined to a wheel chair. It's quite fascinating and Emily is a very charming and interesting gal. Do check it out.

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