Friday, August 14, 2009

My Hebrew name

Since Facebook thinks I'm Jewish (all of the "targeted" ads on my page are either Jewish related or mother related. So, in essence, Facebook thinks I'm a Jewish mother. I'm not sure I could ever live up to that), my friend Amber, who is Jewish, said we should figure out what my Hebrew name is. So off I went in search of a Hebrew name generator online because I knew there had to be one. And there is more than one, in fact. But Rum and Monkey's is the best because they actually ask God. My results:

God told me that your name should be Dafna , Dafnit - Laurel; bayleaf; victory.
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Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

It's interesting that the name means "Laurel" since my twin sister's name is Laura. So, you know, legitimacy.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, that was super odd since my Hebrew name is "Karma" and that is almost what my parents named me. Specifically Karma Jean. Luckily for me, they got sick of it by the time I was born.