Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Puppies and happy pills

funny pictures of dogs with captions

I'm a part of this thing called The Grind or, more self-evidently, Poem-A-Day. Basically a group of poets (10 or so) write one poem every day and sent it to everyone else on the list by midnight. These poems are not shared outside of the group since it's understood that they're drafts or ramblings or rough stuff. It's like Vegas: What happens in The Grind stays in The Grind. I don't do it every month and, in fact, have been off for several. But I'm back for August and it's good for me. One might think that all I'd be writing are baby poems, but this is untrue so far. Yesterday's poem was another flarf poem of sorts. Basically I alternated snippets of Google search results for "antidepressants" and "puppies." The monkey inclusion was a happy coincidence.
Drug Dogs

Drugs arranged alphabetically
are looking for good homes, all across the world.
The side-effects and safety
of cute puppy pictures and videos
is not known among blacks.
Follow the phenomenon: some fuzzy truth.
She is so cute it is hard to be tough.
Read this article: we won't stop until dogs are not suffering
and women whose partners regularly wear condoms are more depressed.
Oh so cute puppies are Mood Boosters For All The Family.
They are lying on a bed with several puppies
developing the world's first transgenic dog.
Infants born to women
are super-duper biodegradable, uniquely flushable
if left to the tone deaf GOP.
If there's anything Oprah Winfrey knows for sure
it’s how to demolish a salty bag of potato chips
or a toddler lost in the Virginia woods.
Make your miserable life bearable
with Pascaleena and Haus: people just like you.
Never give a puppy or kitten childbearing looks.
Warn young adults.
When you need to think of something else in a hurry
picture this socially made vision
and prepare a whelping kit.
The American people went into a deep depression
after spaying their bitches
and consuming far too much salt –
basically it's everything I love!
By blaming Zoloft for a murder-suicide
we find a sense of responsibility.
This is both odd and slightly disturbing.
It is the cause and the cure from the farthest reaches
and comes in more shapes and sizes than any other.
We examine associations between
dogs and monkeys. They say they're activists.
I hear there are some uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

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