Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kitty poetry in motion

My brother sent me a link to this YouTube video of a padded collar-wearing cat frolicking on a bed. While the video is cute, the video description is almost better than the video itself. For whatever reason, the person who posted the video wrote the description out in separate lines, like a poem. According to the poster's profile, her name is apparently Mary and she is in Japan. My guess is English is not her first language, but that just makes this description/poem all the better.

Kitten that occupies bed

This is a video of a Scottish Fold's kitten.
Her name is May.
She occupied my bed.
She springs toward my finger and my camera.
She runs, rolls, and is playing with absorbed interest.
She wears Elizabethan collar for treatment. She cures now.
This collar is lighter, softer, and is more comfortable than cone.
Thank you for your concern.

(By Mary, from LoveScottishFold on YouTube.com)

Want to see more? There are a lot more, actually, like "Cat's masseur" (as Amanda Carver would say, "Makin' biscuits") and "Cat and Plastic bag" (which does not end tragically, thank God). Check out the LoveScottishFold YouTube channel.

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Anonymous said...

"She wears Elizabethean collar for treatment."

I will never forgive myself for not writing that.