Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Spritle" by Deastro

The Five Three Dial Tone record release show for Deastro's "Spritle" 7" was tonight at the Crofoot. Sadly I could not stay for the show, but I drove up to Pontiac anyway to get my hands on the goods. "Spritle" is perhaps the best song ever and I love it so. Jay, Mr. Five Three Dial Tone himself, has been a champion of Deastro and "Spritle" ever since the song was born and it's exciting to see it out in the world sounding so good (props to the folks who recorded and mixed it). Listen to it yourself at 53Dt's MySpace page.

Oh, and not only is "Spritle" an amazing song, the lyrics make reference to an ape. Here's the chorus:
"Oh my brother
tell me which way to go.
I've got ape like eyes
and preacher thighs
a mouth and a stereo."

The 7" is only $7 (that's a buck an inch! Fair!) from 53Dt's Web site. Deastro is an artist worth supporting with actual dollars. Keep yer eyes peeled for Moondagger due out in June on Ghostly International.

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