Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A picture is worth a line of verse

Did you know that it is National Poetry Month? Well, it is, whether you're participating or not. Over the years, The Academy of American Poets, bless their hearts, has come up with some cool ways to observe poetry's high holy month. This year's way to make poetry fun is to take a picture of it. Inspired by their NPM 2009 poster image by Paul Sahre, NPM is sponsoring the Free Verse Photo Competition. Basically, write a line or two of verse on something and take a picture of it. While some of the entries look an awful lot like vandalism, there are a lot of really cool photos. And even the really uncool photos are forgivable since their very existence means that someone out there was engaged with poetry for as long as it took to get the shot right.

While this one isn't exactly beautiful, it does use verse from David Berman, who I am a big fan of. Plus, I am totally writing this on the next birthday cake I make, with no explanation.

This one uses lines from Amy Gerstler's "Dog World." I like Amy Gerstler and I love dogs. So, obviously a winner in my book.

And since I just posted about donuts two days ago, I thought this one was especially fitting. The verse is from "Green Squall" Jay Hopler.

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