Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Airport by Emily Kendal Frey

You don't need a lot of words to say something big. Big as a jumbo jet, even. Airport by Emily Kendal Frey is a collection of short poems (because that's the way she rolls) all about the so-called friendly skies and the places we endure while waiting to be airborne. Airport was digitally published by Blue Hour Press, which means you can read the whole thing online for free. And you should. And not just because Emily is someone I know and happen to like (we've never met, but we're totally Facebook friends).

Here's one of my favorites from the book.


How do we live
much less

in this place

of potential

I don't mean
burning clouds

but the people
on the ground

ready to
forget us

before we
come down

(Emily Kendal Frey, from Airport, 2009 Blue Hour Press)

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