Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Mother Dance" by Samara

This is my wife, dancing at a recent hafla in Utica. She is, as you'll notice, quite pregnant. She's been belly dancing for years and, though I love her so, I must admit that the whole hafla/belly dancing/Ren Fest scene is so not my thing. But this particular dance is an exception to the rule. I could watch it over and over again. And have.

Of course, the "super powers" of most pregnant women are a little more, well, mundane. But no less super.
Superhero Pregnant Woman

Her sense of smell is ten times stronger.
And so her husband smells funny;
she rolls away from him in the bed.
She even smells funny to herself,
but cannot roll away from that.

Why couldn’t she get a more useful superpower?
Like the ability to turn invisible, or fly?

The refrigerator laughs at her from its dark corner,
knowing she will have to open it some time
and surrender to its villainous odors.

(Jessy Randall, from A Day in Boyland, Ghost Road Press, 2007)

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