Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Reduce, reuse, recycle (cluck, cluck)

While I was sorting my recycling today I came across a tiny yellowed piece of newspaper that, at first glance, looked like a clipping of an ad for some kind of "space age" modular home, as far as "space age" goes in the 50's, that boasts, "Guaranteed Better Built--Yet Costs LESS!" Upon closer inspection, the ad is for a new and improved KOZY chicken coop.

When I turned the ad over, however, I discovered a short poem by Alfred Tennyson. It is, I think, the poem that was intentionally cut out of the paper so many years ago. By whom, I do not know, though my mother in law has been here going through some boxes of old photos and family mementos, so it could have belonged to one of my wife's grandparents. In any case, it's a reminder that newspapers used to actually print poetry.

Here is the poem:
At Eve
As thru the land at eve we went,
And pluck'd the ripened ears,
We fell out, my wife and I.
Oh, we fell out, I know not why,
And kiss'd again with tears.

And blessings on the falling out
That all the more endears,
When we fall out with those we love
And kiss again with tears!

For when we came where lies our child
We lost in other years,
There above the little grave,
Oh there above the little grave,
We kiss'd again with tears.

(Alfred Tennyson)

And here's the text of the chicken coop ad, which is a strange kind of poetry in itself. I've taken the liberty to break it into lines (I think I've been reading too much William Carlos Williams):
Splendid Design--Heavy Lumber

6 ft. door and 7 ft. peak gives
ample head room for caretaker.
Yet, low roofs keep heat
down where chicks are. Hugs
the ground--resists strong winds.
Sunshine floods through
many windows. Fills entire house
with warmth and sunlight.
Drives out vermin.
To admit fresh air without
chilling, merely open upper window
and raise front roof section.
Raise front roof entirely
up on warm days
for full sun bath.


Anonymous said...

Love this. Keith would be proud.


Laura said...

D'Anne is going to build this chicken coop and make me live in it.