Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Earn a BA in Helping at Monkey College

As I've made clear in the past, I do not think that keeping monkeys as pets is a good idea. However, after watching this video from Helping Hands, an organization that trains monkeys to help disabled people, I'm pretty darn impressed. Seeing these little monkeys put DVDs in and work microwaves makes it look like folks who have helper dogs have gotten the shaft. Still, if you want to keep a monkey in your house and you aren't physically disabled then I'm going to guess you're at least somewhat mentally disabled and not in a way a monkey can help.

You can learn more about Helping Hands at and watch a better resolution version of this video here.


Laura said...

At about 1:10 in the video the monkey reflects in the door of the microwave, and I thought there was actually another one IN the microwave - like stage two training is "save your friend from the hot box!" I'm glad that isn't the case - that should be at least stage three.

Anonymous said...

I find this incredibly disturbing. You know, just KNOW, that stage four is having the monkey wipe someone's ass.