Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I've got a poem in Sotto Voce

There's a new journal in town (just what the world needs!) and, well, I am going to be in it. The first issue of Sotto Voce debuts in October and will include my poem "Matinee." As I said, it's a new publication, which means I have never seen an issue of it. Still, it's nice to be accepted and I'm looking forward to seeing the first issue, which also will include a poem by my friend Alana DeRiggi, who is one of my favorite poets.

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Laura said...

Congrats D'Anne! From the website, this journal looks purdy and nice... I guess it could still be some 'Zine photocopied by a Riot Grrrl in Olympia who just can't let go, but probably not! Also, I didn't know Alana's last name until now - very movie star-like!