Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pop! Art! Monkey!

I've been a fan of Carl Oxley's art for a long time. Though I was a fan before I ever knew who he was or that he was even local. I would see his stuff here and there and wished I could fill my home with his adorable monkey heads (for example, the painting here titled "Fresh Prince of Detroit"). Over the summer I ran into a guy at the Cass Cafe who had an adorable monkey head necklace and I said, "Where did you get that?" And he said, "I made it." That man was Carl Oxley. And thus I saw with my own eyes that an actual human being made his super adorable art, not some kind of smiling cloud machine that runs on vegan marshmallows.

Laura, Henri and I went to the D.I.Y Street Fair in Ferndale tonight and Oxley had a booth there at which Laura bought a new purse and I got an awesome monkey t-shirt and some pins. Oxley and his wife were both really sweet and so into their work and were very patient with me considering I probably told them way too much about my personal life. So if you know someone who could use some art from "the happiness company," get thee to

Oxley told me tonight that he has a demonstration coming up at the DIA soon. When I get the specifics, I will post it here. Hopefully it is on a night I can go as I would love, love, love to see it.

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