Sunday, September 7, 2008

Baby turtles

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I saw this comic today and it made me laugh out loud (thanks, Jeremy!). So I thought, I must post this to my blog, if only so that I have it saved somewhere. In order to do this, I had to find a poetry connection. And so, following a comic about babies eating turtles, is a poem by Gregory Orr about turtles eating babies (baby geese, that is).
The Pond

Snapping turtles in the pond eat bass, sunfish,
and frogs. They do us no harm when we swim.
But early this spring two Canada geese
lingered, then built a nest. What I’d
heard of, our neighbor feared: goslings,
as they paddle about, grabbed from below
by a snapper, pulled down to drown.
  So he stuck
hunks of fat on huge, wire-leadered hooks
attached to plastic milk-bottle buoys.
The first week he caught three turtles
and still there are more: sometimes he finds
the bottles dragged ashore, the wire
wrapped several times around a pine trunk
and the steel hook wrenched straight as a pin.

(Gregory Orr, The Caged Owl: New and Selected Poems, 2002: Copper Canyon Press)

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