Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nom, nom, nom: it are my Snacks!

A new convenience store opened in Seattle called Snacks! The Stranger has a review by David Schmader who found poetry among the junk food.

He writes, "For now, Snacks! is a wide-open work in progress, a fact addressed by the two-by-four-foot wish list hanging near the door that invites customers to share their dreams for Snacks! inventory. It is the greatest poem about America since "Leaves of Grass":
Pita bread
Rap Snacks
Soy creamer!
Vernors ginger ale (X2!!)
Grey Poupon
Cheap champagne
Tastykakes! (YES!!!!!!)
Shredded cheese
Sparks (black can!)
Frozen pizza
Fingernail clippers
Stash teas
Smarties (YES! Yes!)
Day of the Dead candles!
Asian snacks!
Pinball machines

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