Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More verse from the cube

Back in May a certain Detroit office worker who wished to remain anonymous submitted a poem he or she (I'll never tell!) composed by compiling comments overheard in the office. Well he/she's back!

Artist's statement: "Maybe it's because nobody can be expected to concentrate when 8 people having 5 different conversations are surrounding them. But I decided to take a second and type out what I pulled from the din in an effort to not kill one or all of them. The title, like last time, is the last thing I heard. It's not as exciting as the last one I wrote, but it's fun."
I need it to work 100% of the time

Please call me on channel one
The exhibit is such a big deal
The water pumps can seize up
I’m trying to find somebody
That whole row has been like that for weeks
Thanks for doing that
That’s very cool
What was the action on that?
How do you mark the bench?
I don’t know how it ties into us
It would look really nice and innocuous
Don’t make it seem negative
If a popular performer comes along
They’ll feel like they got shorted at the end of the show
I don’t want to get wet

(Anonymous cubicle worker, July 14, 2009)

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