Monday, June 22, 2009

TXTS FRM LST NGHT: poetry and monkeys

Have you ever sent an embarrassing text you wish you could take back? Well, you might want to look for it on Texts From Last Night (TFLN). Thankfully the only identifying info is the sender's area code. Here are some highlights featuring (what else?) monkeys and poetry.
(941): i just found a plastic monkey in my sweatshirt pocket
(212): Umm I had a plastic mermaid in my pants......
(212): Really
(941): You win
And here's one I think any poet can relate to, and from a Detroit area code, no less:
(313): Holy wow, I found all the old poems u wrote me back when we were in looooooooove...just sort of wild to look back on, thought u'd like that
Um, no, I wouldn't. If I were the poet in question. Which I'm not. Thank God.

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