Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ape Genius on NOVA

Thanks, Meghan, for bringing this episode of NOVA to my attention where "experts zero in on what separates humans from our closest living relatives." You can watch the whole thing online.

Warning: not intelligent design/creationist friendly.

Here are my notes from the video. Because I am an educator:
Part 1: Chimps and water sports. Monkeys eating monkeys (a.k.a. "You'll poke your eye out!"). White people in the jungle.

Part 2: More chimp water sports. Monkey see monkey do. Judy gets addicted to slots. Obligatory Jane Goodall cameo. Ape grief.

Part 3. Termite fishing. More monkeys eating monkeys. Apes work together to prepare the Great Takeover. Helper monkeys. Chimp chow challenge. Foster apes. Invasion of the body snatchers.

Part 4: Chimp math. Ape English majors. Ape spaz outs. Ape greed. Gummy Bear gimmies.

Part 5: Take off my shoe, ape. Princess Sally and the stupidity of three-year-olds. Will work for food.

Part 6: It's not rude to point. Turbo-triangle. Teaching, smeaching. Smarter than a monkey.
You're welcome.

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