Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The early [eagle] gets the [monkey]

What? There's an eagle that eats monkeys? On this planet?

Yes. The Philippine Monkey-Eating Eagle.

Paul Constant, who brought us the above Slog post, frequently posts about poetry on Slog. Like another of his posts today in which he includes an excellent Mary Oliver poem and links to a poem by Jim Dodg titled "Unnatural Selections: A Meditation upon Witnessing a Bullfrog Fucking a Rock," which is probably the best poem title ever.

Of course, Constant's use of monkey and poetry content in his posts could mean that he's moving into the poetry+monkeys blog niche, which is really all I have going for me. Perhaps this is a new blog meme. One day I'll tell my grandkids that Nana used to be a fairly anonymous blogger who spent her days blogging about poetry and monkeys and she did it before anyone else. And they'll be all, "Put your teeth in! You're scaring us." And I'll say, "That's what happens if you eat too much candy." Because I totally do.

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Anonymous said...

This post is all over the place. I loves it.