Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bad poetry crossword puzzle

I'm not going to lie. I'm not a big crossword puzzle person. Occasionally I do them on road trips with my wife. But I don't do them alone because I am terrible at them. As a poet, I find this kind of humiliating since I'm supposed to be good with words or whatever (see? proof, right there).

In any case, here is a crossword puzzle worth doing. Via The Awl, we have a puzzle by Alex Pareene titled "Bad Titles for Poems" that takes its answers from "the most oft-submitted titles of poems to an award-winning American publication." Get out those pencils. And hope that none of the answers are the titles of any of your poems.

UPDATE: So my wife and I did the puzzle. We spent about two hours on it. We got 8 correct on our own, 2 correct using the Internets, and the rest, well, we didn't get. It's a hard puzzle and some of the clues don't make sense, even after we read the answer key (we're looking at you 17 Across). I think I'll stick to search-a-words. Much more OCD friendly.

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Laura said...

Glad I managed to keep you two occupied for hours... It never occured to me you'd actually DO the puzzle!