Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dead Poets Society almost old enough to drink

Videogum's Lindsay Robertson bemoans the 20th anniversary of the movie Dead Poets Society and its lack of a corresponding DVD release. Read it.
"I can trace pretty much every decision I made as an adolescent back to what was ignited in me by that movie," she writes. "Mostly, a whole lot of really bad poetry, but also a sense, for the first time, that life was going to go by very fast, and that I could be more than what was expected of me. (I said I got the sense, not that I actually did it.)"
I know I saw Dead Poets Society, but I don't remember much about it except there is a boy who wants to be an actor but he has a really mean dad and the boy is in a play with a lot of leaves and maybe even he is a leaf and the dad sees the play and is disgusted and Robin Williams cannot keep everyone from killing themselves. Somehow poetry is also involved. That's my synopsis for you.

It's not Peter Wier's finest work, to say the least. It's no Picnic At Hanging Rock, that's for sure.

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