Saturday, September 5, 2009

Passive aggressive verse

My sister sent me a link to a blog called Passive Aggressive Notes which, as the name implies, collects those little missives, often left anonymously, that urge the reader to corrective action. You know, like the sheet of copy paper taped above the sink in the office kitchen with "Your mother doesn't work here. Clean up after yourself" printed on it. Only these are much better.

One of my favorites is a limerick about hair left in the drain.

There are also a couple of deeply horrifying "poems" about bathroom issues and some verse about Twizzlers in the vending machine or, more specifically, Twizzlers not in the vending machine.

People in the poetry world are often complaining that poetry doesn't do anything any more; that it lacks political and social impact. Well, the verse on Passive Aggressive Notes proves otherwise. Kind of.

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