Monday, September 14, 2009

A closer look at a terrible 9/11 poem

Remember when I said there was a lot of terrible 9/11 poetry out there?

Wonkette does a masterful close reading of "Honoring September 11th: We Remember" by Chele Stanton, a poem posted to Andrew Breitbart’s conservative Big Hollywood blog on, of course, Sept. 11. Why Stanton wanted to associate her name and photo with the poem is unclear. But some people have no shame. Or talent.

Explains Wonkette:
"Note the descent into chaos here: the rhyme scheme starts as A B C B (this is like the World Trade Center at 7:00 a.m., structured, professional, 'nothin’ to see here,' etc.); takes a turn several stanzas down into A B C kinda-B (After the first tower gets hit, things starting to unravel, 'looks like some pilot’s been drinkin’, ain’t that right, Brad?'); then finally devolves into prosaic stream-of-consciousness anger-porn (Both towers hit, hysteria, 'Whoa hey shit man, that’s twice now, right?'). This is not an accident."

Thanks, Laura, for the tip.

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