Friday, February 27, 2009

Monkey jokes

Last night I went with my friend Lisa and her husband Alan to see Tenacious D at the Nokia Club in Los Angeles. I am not a Tenacious D fan (I think they're over rated and not that funny), but Alan is and since I am out visiting I was invited to come with. After seeing them live, my opinion of TD has not changed, except for a solidification of my previous feelings. They have a very good back up band, though.

I did like their opening acts, Craig Robinson (known and loved by me for his role as Darryl in The Office) backed by his band The Nasty Delicious, and comedian Nick Swardson. The whole thing was a fundraiser for The 24th Street Theatre, which seems to be a pretty cool organization.

As for what this has to do with poetry or monkeys, well, you may remember that horrible chimp attack story I posted about. Nick Swardson made jokes about it. He was also apparently in a movie called Grandma's Boy that had a monkey co-star, which he joked about as well. And he told a story about losing $300 in Vegas on Monkey High Five.

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