Thursday, February 5, 2009

Best Friends Forever forever!

If you were not at Crazy Wisdom last night for the Work In Progress Series, I extend my condolences. Because you missed a hell of a reading. Well, it wasn't a reading, actually. Or only half of it was a reading (18-year-old Eva "I'm on the editorial board for the Best American Nonrequired Reading series" Colás read some stories. Remembering her name would be a good idea). The other half was Best Friends Forever, the art-folk duo comprised of poet Alana DeRiggi and artist Holly Mae Haddock. They were fantastic. Funny, adorable, smart - everything you could possibly want in such an enterprise. I laughed, I smiled until my face hurt, and I regret only that I did not videotape it. Because I could and would watch it again and again and again. Especially the song about the half kitty half robot having problems with English syntax. While they didn't play their 2007 hit "Karate Team," (Alana said they tried to do an acoustic version of the song but it just sounded "creepy and sad"), they did play "28 is the New 15," "You Don't Know My Personality" (the lyrics of which were taken from a conversation with a 7-year-old), and "Cartoons from the 80's" complete with references to Inspector Gadget, Jem and the Holograms, Transformers, She-Ra and Care Bears.

Did I mention how awesome it was? Because it was.

The artwork, by the way, was done by Adam Boehmer who is a poet/artist/dancer and co-host of the WIP Series at Crazy Wisdom with Megan Levad.

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Laura said...

You will have to let me know of the next public performance! I would love to see them.