Sunday, February 8, 2009

Deastro, electro-pop poet

Last night my sister Laura and I went to Detroit Unplugged II at PJ's Lager House (read our review on the Metro Times Music Blahg). The show included Augie and Korin from Hard Lessons, Ryan and Liz from Friendly Foes, Mick Bassett, Lo-fi Bri from Carjack, and Randy Chabot, a.k.a. Deastro. Deastro, who usually has a lap-top on stage with him, played beautifully stripped down versions of "Spritle" and "The Shaded Forest," as well as "Child of Man, Son of God." He ended his set by reading "If" by Rudyard Kipling, saying that it reminded him of the people of Detroit. He is earnest and awesome like that.

If you are not familiar with Deastro, you should be. Go to his MySpace page where you can even download some EPs for free. And keep yer eyes peeled, because this one's a winner.

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