Friday, October 31, 2008

Zombie Haiku by Ryan Mecum

While shopping today I stumbled upon Zombie Haiku by Ryan Mecum at Acme Mercantile in Ann Arbor. It is, as you might guess from the title, a book of zombie themed Haikus. Below are a few selections from the book. Happy Halloween!
Biting into heads
is much harder than it looks.
The skull is fiesty.

Nothing hurts me now.
Normally the screwdriver
wouldn't have gone there.

You are so lucky
that I can not remember
how to use doorknobs.

I exit the car
as the others slouch away,
off for fresher food.

As I start walking
I try to remember where
people like to hide.

My dad used to say,
"Always finish what you start."
So I eat her hair.

1 comment:

Laura said...

"The skull is fiesty." wow - this is awesome. Ryan Mecum is a good Haiku-er (official term)!