Friday, October 24, 2008

Gorilla: "I has a sad."

Who says animals don't feel pain? From the looks of it, these sad bastard creatures could use a hug. The Daily Green presents The 10 Saddest Emo Animals, with this ape coming in at number 8:
"Great apes (don't call them monkeys people, please) have a lot to be depressed about. For one thing they haven't gotten over the murderous demise of their friend Diane Fossey. Oh, and they are tired of their babies being ripped out of their arms and sold to zoos, although they don't mind when kids throw them popcorn (don't tell their keepers I told you).

Mostly they don't like war, slash and burning or being made into still lifes."
For the record, I know the difference between monkeys and apes, and while this blog is called "Touched By A Monkey" I include all primates in that category. "Touched By A Primate" just doesn't sound right and would be a different kind of blog me thinks.

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Laura said...

Not so funny, the flippant Diane Fossey death joke (me thinks).