Thursday, October 16, 2008

Monkey snacks!

While this is probably not surprising, I am a sucker for food products marketed to children, especially when those products involve monkeys. So when I saw a box of Healthy Handfuls Chimpies on the shelf at Kroger, I could not resist. I mean, just look at that little guy on the box, riding his bike while happily wielding cookies made in his image.

Sadly the cookies didn't taste very good. Upon closer inspection, I saw that the expiration date stamped on the box had passed. So I sent the Healthy Handfuls folks an email. A polite complaint, if you will. I got an email back immediately saying they'd send me some samples.

"Okay," I thought, "kind of cheap, but whatever."

Two days ago a box full of dozens of individual sized bags of Chimpies and Lucky Duckies (a duck shaped cheese cracker similar to Goldfish) arrived at my door. Definitely more than I was expecting. The folks at Healthy Handfuls definitely get an A+ in customer service.

I'm not a cheese eater, so I won't eat the crackers. I will, however, hand them out for Halloween. :) But I'm keeping the Chimpies.

Other monkey/primate-themed food I like:
EnviroKidz Organic Gorilla Munch by Nature's Path.

Perfect with Very Vanilla Silk (also made for kids). I have to admit, however, that I prefer the EnviroKidz Penguin Puffs.

Endangered Species Supreme Dark Chocolate

Mmm. Chocolate. And there's a chimpanzee on the wrapper. :) Plus the company donates part of their profits to Chimp Haven, a "nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide lifetime care for chimpanzees who have been retired from medical research, the entertainment industry or no longer wanted as pets."

Tofutti used to make Monkey Bars, which were peanut butter soy ice cream covered in chocolate on a stick. Pretty much the best thing in the world and I lament the fact that they no longer exist on a near daily basis.

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Laura said...

Well, if i ran a company and I got a crazed and threatening letter from you informing me that your experience with our stale snack food item was not only disappointing but sent your niece into anaphylactic shock and she was now in a coma and how could you do this to our family and I will sue you for everything you own you heartless bastards, I would send you a huge box of samples as well. Those are hush cookies D'Anne. Hush cookies.