Friday, April 2, 2010

A stand-up comic and a wailing preacher walk into a bar: discovering Dorothea Grossman

I really liked the March 2009 issue of Poetry. The issue started with a whole slew of poems by Dorothea Grossman, a poet I'd never heard of before. My favorites were "I have to tell you," "The Two Times I Loved You the Most In a Car," and "Love Poem." They also published an interview with her in which she says, "I think what I’m always striving for is to keep a balance. I have a lot of humor in my stuff, and that’s fine. There’s the more serious stuff, too, but I like to mix it up. When I read in public, it’s very important for me to stress that balance. I don’t want to be a stand-up comic, for God’s sake, but I also don’t want to be some wailing preacher."

This only serves to make me like her more.

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