Saturday, April 10, 2010

Buy buy monkey

So I've been checking out the site I mentioned yesterday,, and it really is quite awesome. Every day there's a new monkey-themed product to spend your hard-earned dollars on. Some of the descriptions are quite funny, like for the costume monkey tail: "Why bother getting a costume for next Halloween or for your next costume party? You don’t need to if you have this costume monkey tail. Just add it to whatever you’re wearing, and you instantly have a top-notch costume! Go in your gym clothes and you’re a Gym Monkey! Go in sweats and a t-shirt and you’re a Slob Monkey! See, it’s easy!" Obviously I'm going to be going as a Slob Monkey this Halloween. Thanks for the idea!

MonkeyADay even did an entire week devoted to wine-related monkey stuff. I don't even drink wine and I loved it.

Added to my daily list for sure.

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