Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snow monkeys get hot and wet

Boing Boing's photo caption contest (though it isn't really a contest since there aren't any prizes) led me to the source of the photo, the CNNGo article "Bathing apes: Jigokudani's snow monkey onsen" by Hiroko Yoda. Lots of great snow monkey photos and a great intro to Japan's Monkey Park, a place I'd love to visit some day.

The story mentions the monkeys' "distinctively human-like habit of climbing into natural hot springs to warm up during the winter months," though I don't think humans were the first species to think, "Ugh, cold. Ugh, hot. Ugh, feel better." I think seeking out warmth is pretty instinctual. Just saying.

Thank you, Laura, for the tip.

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