Friday, October 9, 2009

Ann Arbor's first poetry cage match

On Wednesday, October 14, poet Linda Gregerson has put together a poetry reading to remember. Make sure you get to UofM's Rackham Amphitheatre (915 E. Washington Street) at 7 p.m. for front row seats to Ann Arbor's first ever Poetry Cage Match. It's like a poetry slam, only the slamming is not metaphorical. There will be verse! There will be blood! It's on!

Oh, wait. My bad. There is no cage match. The event on Wednesday is actually called Arts & Bodies: the Poetry and will consist "of contemporary poetry about humans' relationships with and reflections on our beautiful, perfect, weak, and fickle bodies, read by the authors."

The authors include the lovely and talented Megan Levad, the ever affable Keith Taylor, Gregerson herself, Thomas Lynch, Raymond McDaniel, Amy Carroll, Julie Ellison, Laurence Goldstein, Tung-Hui Hu, Susan Hutton, A. Van Jordan, Thylias Moss, Benjamin Paloff, Macklin Smith, and Gillian White.

Not a cage match, but still worth attending. Why didn't they ask me to market this thing?

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Matthew Thorburn said...

That's a great line-up. Keith Taylor is "ever affable" indeed. I just saw an old article from The Onion about him (!).