Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The acrostic poetry of Arnold Schwarzenegger

It's hard to write an acrostic poem that doesn't sound forced. After all, the goal of an acrostic poem is to spell something out with the first letter of each line, which means the poet sometimes has to stretch things a bit and use language that ends up sounding a little off.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's little acrostic contained in a veto letter to lawmakers is no exception. Each line is arranged in order to spell out the oh, so subtle "Fuck you."


Read the whole story at the Huffington Post.

Thanks, Laura, for the tip.


Anonymous said...

I'm actually pretty impressed.

The 'K' was definitely a little rough, though.


soisay said...

22 years ago I did the same exercise in a brief note to an instructor. (I was very upset, and powerless). The "K" was also the most difficult. I had to indent my paragraphs, when everyone I showed it to immediately saw the "not so hidden" message.