Thursday, December 11, 2008

Monkey Day is Dec. 14!

I don't usually have occasion to go to Wyandotte. The last time I was there, in fact, was several years ago and I was on stage at the Wyandotte Yacht Club doing a comedy show, opening for two comics who were exceptionally drunk. Jeff Brannen was the headliner (I could have his name wrong but he's not worth remembering). He was wasted and told anti-gay jokes prompting the entire table of folks who came to see me to get up and leave. It was awesome.

However, I have a strong desire to return to Wyandotte on Dec. 14 for Monkey Day at the Biddle Gallery. On display will be monkey-inspired art from a ton of local artists including Carl Oxley III of PopArtMonkey.

Monkey Day is not limited to Wyandotte, however. It is a much larger thing. Worldwide, perhaps, though the postal address address on the Monkey Day Web site is in Lansing. It is, as yet, something I do not 100% understand, and yet do 100% support.

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