Friday, June 20, 2008

"Footprints" by the One(s) Jesus Loves Best

You know that "Footprints" poem about Jesus and the dude walking along the sand? You know, the one written in some kind of "fancy" font like lucida calligraphy, superimposed over a picture of a beach, in a frame in your grandma's bathroom? Well, no one knows who wrote it. Kind of like that drunk driving poem by "anonymous" that gets read to the entire high school over the intercom before prom each year.

Well, Slog has a nice little roundup of the latest and greatest about this controversy.

There's a piece on the Poetry site about it: "Enter Sandman: Who wrote “Footprints”?" By Rachel Aviv

A June 10, 2008 NPR story: "Who Made the 'Footprints'?" by Nancy Solomon

And this 1998 piece from The Onion: "It Was Then That I Carried You" by Jesus Christ

Only His hairdresser knows for sure.

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