Friday, June 6, 2008

"I found your poems on the Internet" by Peace In Our Time

Just discovered Peace In Our Time while looking for songs about tigers online (don't ask). Here's how he describes himself:
"Peace in Our Time is a one-man musical project from Uppsala, Sweden. The only member of the band is me, Johan. I bought my first guitar when I was 16 years old and lived in my hometown Jönköping. Me and two friends formed a band (Nova Caine) and played together for almost three years. The band split up and we moved to different cites. I moved to Uppsala and kept writing songs while I looked around for new band members. Since I couldn't find any I decided to become my own band."
Check out his song "I found your poems on the Internet."


Anonymous said...

the link's broken.

D'Anne Witkowski said...

It's fixed now. Sorry about that.