Sunday, June 8, 2008

Flying ladies on stilts

My wife dragged me to see this show tonight at the Detroit Festival of the Arts. All I knew going in was that there was stilt walking involved, which she is very into, as are her friends. At first the ladies on stilts were doing these new agey/interpretive dance moves and I was like, what the fuck is this? But then they started doing some really cool shit and I have to admit I ended up liking it a lot. Oh, and if you ever wind up seeing them somewhere, don't climb/swing on their spaceship structure afterwards. They don't like it.

A very fitting poem to go with the video of the flying ladies, I think, is "My Daughter at the Gymnastics Party" by David Bottoms. Check it out.

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Laura Witkowski said...

Did people really try to get all up on their equipment? I mean, why? It's not like anybody there could be like, "Oh yeah, you think THAT was something' - well watch THIS!"