Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Monkey Day!

Hey! It's Monkey Day! At least in Wyandotte where Biddle Gallery, a downriver art gallery, has declared it so.

According to their Web site: "MONKEY DAY is December 14. Monkey Party, Friday, December 14th, 6-9PM. Monkey inspired art by local artists. Featuring Metro Times cover boy and late night with Jay Leno fame Carl Oxley III. Also, Dave Moroski, John Benson, Terri Sarris, Davin Brainard, Tara Hackett, Joey Merchant, Rick McQuaid, Dan Stewart, Doug Spalding, Claudette Jocelyn Stern, Leo Kuschel, Jessica Flint, Gretchen Kramp, Donna Hazen, and more. DJ Dan spins tunes. Free banana with every purchase. Click here to see some images from the show. Also sign monkey day petition. Help make it a national holiday!"

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