Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Become a monkey

Thank you, Carly, for reminding me about The Monkey Museum where anyone (like, say, Bob Dylan) can become a monkey. Once my wife and I have kids we are SO getting one of these done.


Mrs. Callow said...

Monkey love!!! Woot!

I wanted to see if you have ever read any Amy Gerstler. She's my favorite poet. If my books weren't packed right now (we were going to move to Royal Oak, but now we're not - long story), I'd put my favorite two or three here. Here is a good one though:

Hymn to the Neck
by Amy Gerstler

Tamed by starched collars or looped by the noose,

all hail the stem that holds up the frail cranial buttercup.

The neck throbs with dread of the guillotine's kiss, while

the silly, bracelet-craving wrists chafe in their handcuffs.

Your one and only neck, home to glottis, tonsils,

and many other highly specialized pieces of meat,

is covered with stubble. Three mornings ago, undeserving

sinner though she is, yours truly got to watch you shave

in the bath. Sap matted your chest hair. A clouded

hand mirror reflected a piece of your cheek. Vapor

rose all around like spirit-infested mist in some fabled

rainforest. The throat is the road. Speech is its pilgrim.

Something pulses visibly in your neck as the words

hand me a towel flower from your mouth.

Hugs, Claire

D'Anne Witkowski said...

Claire, This is awesome. Thanks. I will check more of her stuff out.