Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Green monkey web hosting

You know, everybody thinks that the transition from paper (i.e. books) to digital (i.e. e-books) is great for the environment because save-the-trees and everything, but the Internets actually takes a lot of energy and infrastructure (which needs land) so maybe not-so save-the-trees after all. There was a great article about this in the last issue of McSweeney's. In any case, enter Monkey Micro, a green web hosting company based in Royal Oak, Michigan. They use wind energy and they claim to be carbon neutral. I don't know anything about Monkey Micro besides what's on their Web site (it would be nice to see some kind of About Us page or something), but it's nice to see that a company like this exists, especially one in Michigan, which badly needs some economic stimuli.

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