Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bald ape for the cure

From the Regretsy Facebook page:
"Hi Helen, I'm sure you're inundated with crap and "oh please help me" emails on a daily basis so I'll make this short. I'm auctioning a handmade item of mine on eBay for the charity St. Baldrick's. They are the children's cancer research foundation where people get together and shave their heads to raise money. Well, due to work restrictions I cannot shave my head but I can auction off a bald ape for the cause. I'm including a link to the auction. I understand if you are unable to forward/post the link anywhere. I'm just reaching out to all I can to get the word out. Have a yaktastic day!~Amy"
Now go bid. My birthday is in less than a month.

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