Monday, March 30, 2009

Great snakes alive!

Pythons are on the loose in Florida, breeding like crazy after being dumped by pet owners and escaping from pet stores during hurricanes.

The snake proliferation inspired Florida wildlife officials to hold a Nonnative Pet Amnesty Day. The event was kind of a reverse of the Michigan Humane Society's Meet Your Best Friend At the Zoo.

"In all, the state Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission took in 102 animals, including one albino catfish, several red-tailed boa constrictors and a howler monkey," reported the Sun Sentinel.

It also serves as a reminder of how disposable pets are to so many people. Of the pets turned in at the event the Sun Sentinel mentioned "an African hedgehog named Cupcake, much ignored since his [owner's] 11-year-old daughter Emma took up saxophone and tennis" and "Kyat [a] 40-pound tortoise" who was digging holes in its owner's yard.

I came across the Pet Amnesty Day article after learning about the great snake capers on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.
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Florida Pythons on the Loose
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