Friday, January 2, 2009

Chimp tell-all

Via Shaman Drum's Web site I came across there is no gap, "A Blog by Karl Pohrt, an Independent Bookseller, about books, the world of books and other things." Lo and behold, the most recent post on there is no gap is about Me, Cheeta: My Life in Hollywood, coming in March from Ecco (Harper Collins).

Writes Pohrt:
"It is perhaps easy to lose sight of the fact--amidst the fabulous adventures and tumultuous private life--that Cheeta's narrative is actually the classic immigrant autobiography, albeit one enlivened by incredible hi-jinks, poignant moments, tales of scandalous hedonism and stormy relationships. Is there a biopic in the works? I certainly hope so, but even if it doesn't happen, Me, Cheeta will always occupy a special place on my bookshelf, nestled comfortably between two other treasured Hollywood classics--Travolta: The Life and Anne Heche's Call Me Crazy."
Awesome. Needless to say, Me, Cheeta is totally on my must-read list.

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