Friday, November 28, 2008

Poetry (sort of) by Al Green

I admit I wasn't expecting much since I didn't like his last record, but I must say that Al Green's Lay It Down sucks. The main reason? The lyrics. Cliché dreck from start to finish. Even the song titles are cliché and while I was pointing this fact out to my wife, I realized that taken together, the titles of the songs formed a very terrible poem that nicely sums up the quality of the entire album. And so, here it is (note that I have taken liberty with capitalization and punctuation but other than that each line is a single song title and the track list is in the original order).
Lay It Down

Lay it down
just for me.
You've got the love I need.
No one like you --
What more do you want from me?
Take your time
(too much).
Stay with me by the sea,
all I need.
I'm wild about you
standing in the rain.
My apologies to any beginning creative writing students who have written this exact same poem and think it's good. You'll learn. I hope.

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Laura said...

This is awesome. Although I know the REAL reason you hate this album has more to do with Mr. Green's bare feet in the back cover photo.