Saturday, August 23, 2008

Review Haiku

In the latest issue of Paste Magazine there is a review of the new Joan Baez record Day After Tomorrow (2008 Razor & Tie) by three different reviewers done entirely in haikus:
Dallied with Dylan
Now she's nurtured by Steve Earle
Joan Baez still shines (Shane Harrison)

Folksong covers with
political undertones...
Sounds like Joan Baez. (Kate Kieffer)

Enduring boomer
Stamps Waits, Earle, and Costello
With her vibrato (Buddy Kite)
Though I am not much interested in new Baez music, I think this review system is genius. Looking on their Web site, it appears that they have done it before. I hope that Paste plans to make this a regular feature.

In this same issue there's also a feature on Micro-Press Poetry in their books section which features Tarpaulin Sky Press, Pilot Books and the journalCannibal.

Not a bad poetry haul for a magazine primarily focused on music.

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