Sunday, August 24, 2008

I (heart) chocolate

It's not every day that I find a product at the grocery store with "Love poem inside" on the wrapper, but that's just what I found today when I picked up a bar of Chocolove chocolate. Even though the Newman's Own brand was cheaper, I went with the brand with the free poem.

Inside the wrapper is this excerpt from "Don Juan" by George Gordon, Lord Byron:
They look upon each other, and their eyes
Gleam in the moonlight; and her white arm clasps
Round Juan's head, and his around her lies
Half buried in the tresses which it grasps;
She sits upon his knee, and drinks his sighs,
He hers, until they end in broken gasps;
And thus they form a group that 's quite antique,
Half naked, loving, natural, and Greek.

And when those deep and burning moments pass'd,
And Juan sunk to sleep within her arms,
She slept not, but all tenderly, though fast,
Sustain'd his head upon her bosom's charms;
And now and then her eye to heaven is cast,
And then on the pale cheek her breast now warms,
Pillow'd on her o'erflowing heart, which pants
With all it granted, and with all it grants.
According to the wrapper the poem is continued from a previous flavor of the company's chocolate and continues on yet another. At over 100 stanzas with two per wrapper, you have to eat a hell of a lot of chocolate to read the entire poem.

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